Exquisite menu

Dry-aged marbled steaks, fishcorner with fresh seafood
and one of the richest wineries in Minsk


More than 300 positions of wine from all over the world from Vino & Vino. Sommelier service


John Dory fresh fish and seafood. Fishcorner with aquarium and oysters.


Black Angus beef dry-aged for 30,60 and 90 days from the best producers


Chef at DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk. Randy is originally from Indonesia and has worked in international hotels in Europe and the UAE.

Trained with chefs with Michelin stars. One of the best representatives of Asian cuisine in Belarus.

Elegant flavor combinations, Asian motives in classic European dishes and author's presentation with emphasis on details make each dish of the restaurant unique.

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Very nice view, superb food and great service I'm pretty simple. We've been here before last summer, when they had music. A few nights ago no music but menu is great (nicer than before) and service staff very chill and attentive. There were folks coming just for pictures of the river, but it was done tastefully and it felt like good fun. Did I say menu and wine was good? Really good except honestly desserts could do with some refresh, especially considering how good the hotel cafe is down in the mall. I'd especially like to give a shout-out to the servers who really are the best in Minsk.
Mark H
Amazing service and meals Went there so far 2 times and on both occasions, I was treated with superb service and excellent food. They have a diverse menu, but stakes are one of their specialties, especially dried stakes. They also situation in the best location in Minsk, so you could have beautiful view from your table.
Another trip to the competition, brunch. The food is delicious, we were full from one dish, the quality of the products is good. The atmosphere is democratic, almost like in Western countries (but almost), because at the hotel, I noticed the atmosphere at the hotels is often "international" than the average "in the hospital". The view from the window is not on the "evening Minsk", as someone wrote, but we bought, it would be more comfortable by the fireplace. I think we'll go here again. They open earlier than 12, which was relevant to us. The service is excellent - friendly, sincere, "that feeling when" it is not clear that this is a pro.
Fine! Liked everything! Service is great! The waiter Yasha is just great! The food is great! I really liked their variation of the Greek salad, it's very good that the vegetable oil is not mixed with vegetables, but simply poured into the deepening of the plate, which allows you to dose the default amount of oil in the salad yourself. The octopus is great too. The dish is prepared using the sous vide technology, a little grill + frying in a pan. I haven't tasted the wine room, I can't do it yet, but the choice is very good.
Atmospheric, tasty, friendly Restaurants at hotels cause some skepticism in advance, but in this case all doubts were dispelled by excellent service and excellent cuisine - the dishes are not heavy, in a European manner, from fresh products, with original presentation, everything we love. As a bonus - a view from the windows from the height of the seventh floor and an extensive wine list from a wine boutique located right there. The second time we just sat at the huge bar, where the atmosphere is more informal. And we will definitely be back.
Albert T
The best place in Minsk We celebrated our birthday in this restaurant. It was simply unforgettable, starting from the entrance to the restaurant, and ending with dinner. I have not experienced such positive emotions for a long time. The interior of the place itself bewitches with some kind of magical atmosphere. I could not even imagine that we have establishments of this level in Minsk. The girls serving us (the waiter and the sommelier) were polite, tactful and unobtrusive. I would especially like to mention the restaurant's cuisine. The food was great. After spending an evening in this restaurant, there was a pleasant aftertaste. Will definitely come back here again! Thank you very much for your positive emotions, success and grateful clients!
Dolce vita
Amazing Meal! We stayed at the Doubletree, and since the restaurant is located on the 7th floor, it made it an easy choice for dinner. The place is absolutely beautiful, with a great decor, and a nice atmosphere. They have a cool wine bottle display, as well as a meat aging display as you walk in. Our server Vlad was an absolute legend! He was extremely attentive, and gave us some great recommendations of food and drinks. He truly went above and beyond to ensure we had a great dining experience! My wife had the beef cheeks with fois gras ravioli, which she really liked. I opted to go with the Chareaubriand (fancy version of Filet Mignon), and it was cooked perfectly. The side of mushrooms and mash potatoes were also great, and well presented. We also had their burrata which was really good, and the ice cream was an absolute delight! This place is definitely fancier than most restaurants in the area, and slightly more expensive, but totally worth it! The atmosphere is great the food us really good, and the service is top notch! I highly recommend going here for a nice romantic dinner with awesome city views!
The World is My Oyster